Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Projects

I was thinking it might be fun this year to feature the photos from my 365 project on this blog. And it might be fun to see just how long this resolution lasts! OK, so I'll try it like this, 3 days' worth of pics in one post so as not to set myself up for failure by having to post every single day... Not to say that I won't post anything but my 365 photos but at least this gives me something to start the year with. Here goes!

On January first, we stayed in and the kids played with their Christmas gifts all day. Tom got so many Lego Bionicles and Hero Factory, he pretty much went to Lego Heaven!

On January second, we met one of my best friends at the Musée des Beaux Arts in Québec to see paintings from Picasso, Dali, Miro and many more incredible artists. It felt so good to talk to the kids about the paintings and to see them interested in art. Then we went for a walk in Old Québec. The atmosphere on Rue St-Jean is always the same, be it Summer or Winter. Pedestrians thinking they can cross the street just about anywhere and drivers getting so frustrated about it and the fact that it's their 3rd time around the street trying to find a parking space! But still, I love it.

And then on January 3rd, since my better half didn't have to start work until the 5th (that's today, sadly), we decided to stay in a Holidays kind of mood with a glass of red and pizza for dinner. Sound good, no?

So that's it for now, hopefully there are still a few of you out there who believed I wouldn't let this blog die and we can get a conversation going! Feel free to comment on the pics, here or on Flickr, all in good fun! Be back soon!

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suzanne cabrera said...

LOVE the photo of Tom. He looks like he's in pure bliss :)