Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Make Your Own Stitch Markers

First off, I want to say that I have finished my Turkish Stitch Scarf, but I haven't taken any decent photos yet. And, I've also made the Butterfly Hat I wanted to make for my little one and I will post pictures soon, promise. It is so cute!

OK, now for the matter at hand. I just started a Clapotis and the pattern calls for 18 stitch markers. All I have are plastic markers with a notch in them and they kept grabbing onto my yarn, so I decided to make my own stitch markers.

To make the stitch markers, you will need a 3 1/4 inch length of bead stringing wire (tigertail), a metal spacer, a glass bead and a crimp bead for each marker. And a pair of pliers. You can use whatever colors and beads you like, just make sure to choose beads that are smooth and not too heavy.

Take your length of wire, fold it in half to form a loop. Slip the metal spacer onto the folded wire, then the bead and then the crimp. Make sure the ends of the wire are covered by the crimp and use your pliers to flatten the crimp bead. VoilĂ ! Your very own stitch marker. Make as many as you need, all of them the same or all different colors, have fun and happy knitting!