Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project 365, January 16 to January 21, 2011

It has been snowing quite a bit here lately and I've tried to spend a lot of time outside with the kids, which has been a lot of fun! Olivia is getting used to the snowsuit, boots, etc... She is not a Winter child that one! Annabelle and Tom are used to it what with school and everything.

Aaaaaanyway, here goes for a few more photos!

On January 16th, I took a photo of these lovely little pears we found at the supermarket. They are perfect for little hands and the kids just love them. And they look cute too!

On January 17th I had so much fun light painting with Thomas! He was just so cute, he had a blast just dancing around with his little light and checking out the photos after each one!

On January 18th I made won tons for the first time ever and they were delicious!

On January 19th I had no idea what to shoot so I decided on taking a picture of my ever camera loving Olivia!

On January 20th we went for a walk and Olivia had a great time making snow angels.

On January 21st well, I just decided to show Olivia doing what Olivia does best... Not stand still! And having fun with grandma too!

I think I realised why I procrastinated for so long about posting my photos here; I think I'm not "satisfied" with my pics. Not that I don't like them but I just don't think they're Project 365 worthy, you know? As if I had to take the "perfect" pic everyday. Well, I guess there is no such thing and I'll have to accept the fact that some days, I'll have to work harder to be inspired. I will try my best to find beauty in the ordinary, I think that's going to be the key to getting through the entire year. Be back soon(ish) with more!

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