Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take Two

I could not have picked a worst time to start a second blog. Really, I didn't tell myself "Hey, I'm gonna start a new blog and then not write a post for weeks. That'll be fun!". No, I had every intention of doing a few posts a week, well, at least one. But life got in the way and I didn't feel like or have time to write or be creative in any way. So now, I'm starting again. I feel a little more like myself these days and last night, inspiration presented itself in a quite unusual way.

I was watching a rerun episode of Bones, and Dr. Brennan (played by Emily Deschanel) was wearing this fabulous necklace. She always has the most incredible pieces of jewelry and this particular necklace was made of agates (I think) and had a detailed rectangular focal piece. I knew I had agates, not the same color as her necklace which was shades of dark amber, but I wasn't sure about having a focal piece that would fit.

After a bit of rummaging in my goodies closet I found what I was looking for and my necklace was underway. A length of green beading wire, a few silver spacers, a nice clasp and voilĂ ! It was done in under an hour and I love it! It's very comfortable, the agates are so soft. I even wore it today with a black shirt for a special day at Tom's pre-K class. Just goes to show that inspiration comes in many different forms and that perhaps TV doesn't just soften our brains after all!


PheMom said...

I know what you mean. This holiday season has been completely whacky! I can't believe how busy it has been. I love your jewelry! I wish I was more crafty.

jenny1 said...

You don't happen to remember which episode that was, do you? Because if you do, I'd like to know :P But if I were you I wouldn't remember anymore either xD

LyB said...

Ach! I've been searching my brain since I saw your comment, trying to remember! I think, it was this episode but I can't be sure. All I can remember clearly is that Booth and Bones are searching a room and Bones is kneeling, looking through a drawer, and she's wearing that necklace. I also found this gallery on Flickr. I think it's this necklace, but I'm not sure. Can you tell I really like that show? ;)